Don’t let go of the dream.

If you have a vision, for what will make you truly happy, for what you believe to be a beautiful thing for your life.. don’t let go.

Hold on to that.

Do you believe it to be good? To be beautiful? Do you believe it to be your purpose?

If so, hold on tight. So tight that nothing can remove it from your arms.

When questions come, when different paths emerge, remember that thing. Allow it to determine which direction you choose.

If you TRULY believe it to be right, to be good, to…

The only thing that feels like wisdom.

Wisdom; the truthful understanding of what the reality of the nature of human life is, and the knowledge on how to live in a way representative only of that truth.

All we have in our lives is the ability to choose. In each moment, the ability to act deliberately on a thought.

All that we can believe is that there is good in this life. …

Be gentle and know what you are doing.

When entering into anything, a meal, a job, a conversation, know what you are there to do.

Doing a job? Know you are there to communicate and provide the service of that job, for it is a service that is good.

Eating a meal? Know that meal is to preserve your life virtuously using whole foods in moderation (or whatever reason you believe to be just).

Why is it important to know what it is you are there do to?

If you know what your purpose is in that endeavor, than you…

The simplest philosophy on earth.

There is good that exists in this world (love, happiness, peace). All of those goods exist non physically, within yourself.

That good is attainable to each and every human that exists.

Each human life consists only of one, ever changing and fleeting present moment. In each present moment, each human being has one thing in their control; a non physical ability to choose who to be, and what to do. Each human being has choice.

Use each present moment, to take your non physical realm of control, and be good. To be virtuous.

Think to…

What is kindness?

Kindness. A state of mind. A frame of mind.

A deliberate decision to be, to act, on the virtues and truths that exist within this world, within yourself and your soul.

Kindness is feeding yourself not for any pleasure, or to avoid any pain, but simply to preserve your life virtuously, with moderation, for the purpose of preserving the virtue and truth that exists within your soul. To preserve the love and goodness that your life creates the possibility to experience. To preserve what makes this life worth living.

Natural, Whole Foods. The vitamins and minerals, the…

Remember why you started.

Remember that feeling.. when you felt that everything was over, that your life had found it’s end date, and that your story had not only begun, but that it had now been wrapped up and the story has been told.

Remember that feeling of what it was you yearned so deeply, in that moment when it felt there was no more time left to change, to find in this life.

That knot in your stomach that you felt because of that thing that because of your actions, you no longer would have the opportunity to find…

Do what makes you happy.

Not what brings you pleasure in the moment, for this is easy to find. Do what brings you true happiness.

Where is happiness to be found?

Happiness, and peace, is to be found within doing those things which you believe to be truly good. Within making decisions that you believe to be truly for the common good, and that align with the nature of the world within which we exist.

Happiness is to be found within living, deliberately, a life that is virtuous.

We only have present moments. Our life consists of one, ever changing…

Believe in, and trust in, kindness.

We as human beings do not have much. We have only our perception, our choice.

Choose, to believe in good. That it exists. And if it exists?

Choose to believe we may attain it.

Choose to believe if you perceive each moment, through the eyes of “be good, be kind, demonstrate virtue”, that no matter where this guides you, it is exactly where you need to be, to find all that is good in this world.

A world that does not respond to a perception of good and kindness, with good, with love, with happiness and peace, is this a world we wish to live for? To give our soul for?

I choose to believe in good, in kindness. And wherever that may lead me, I know it to be good. That my soul is protected.

I believe this.. I have to.

Healthy nutrition is not a science, it is a philosophy.

Healthy nutrition, nourishing the body “properly” is a rabbit hole that seemingly never ends.

Exactly the right foods to eat, with exactly the right amount of calories, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals… science for as long as it has been around has been delving into finding the answer as to how “best” to nourish the body. To no avail.

Scientists go back and forth, decade after decade, arguing as to what is truly healthy for human beings to be eating. What has the highest performance benefits, cardiovascular benefits, cognitive benefits. One…

My Philosophy on Life

I believe in love.

I believe it exists, as a non physical entity.

This is what I believe is truly valuable to attain in life.

This non physical good; love.

As a human being, I have one thing in my power, in my control; my choice. My character.

My non physical realm of control.

I believe the path to love, to that non physical good, is a direct result of the choices we make during our time; a direct result of our non physical realm of control.

So how best to live in a way representative…


My own thing. In writing.

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