Healthy nutrition is not a science, it is a philosophy.

Healthy nutrition, nourishing the body “properly” is a rabbit hole that seemingly never ends.

Exactly the right foods to eat, with exactly the right amount of calories, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals… science for as long as it has been around has been delving into finding the answer as to how “best” to nourish the body. To no avail.

Scientists go back and forth, decade after decade, arguing as to what is truly healthy for human beings to be eating. What has the highest performance benefits, cardiovascular benefits, cognitive benefits. One study says eggs are a superfood, the other that eggs will kill you. How does one navigate the waters of truly healthy nutrition within a scientific community so prone to constant contradictions?

The answer? By departing completely from science.

Healthy, good nutrition is not a science, it is a philosophy.

How is that so, and what does that mean?

We as human beings have been placed on this earth with food available to us to preserve our lives. How grateful we should be.

There are truly good things that exist in this world; love, happiness, peace, fulfilment. These non-physical entities that exist within our souls. We as human beings have a non physical entity within our control; our ability to choose. To deliberately interact with the world, the present world, around us. This is what we have. All we have.

So, align your non physical ability to choose (your non physical realm of control) with the non physical entities of love, happiness, peace and fulfilment, and this is a good life. A life lived deliberately, for the common good.

So, a truly good life, is a life where the deliberate interaction with the present moment in a way that is representative of good and virtue, is maximized.

This ability, deliberately interacting with the present moment, takes energy. It takes focus. It takes bandwidth and effort.

See where I’m going with this? No? Maybe?

A good life is determined solely by the amount of time spent deliberately interacting with the present moment, in a way representative of good, and this takes energy.

Food has been placed on this earth for us, to consume, and not only to preserve our life, but to give our body, and more importantly our mind, energy.

So, use that food that has been so graciously placed here for us, to preserve your life but also to maximize your mind’s ability to deliberately focus and interact with the present moment. Use your food and your nutrition in this way, and you may be living virtuously.

Whole foods. Why whole foods?

If this is a world bound by good, created and guided by good, then we may trust that the food that has been left for us, to preserve our bodys and minds, that this is the food we most need to nourish our body and mind well. So use it, for that purpose, and no other. Do not allow the temptations of using food for any other pursuit than the pursuit of maximizing your ability to interact, deliberately, with the present moment to take hold.

Whole foods, to preserve your life and maximize your mind’s ability to interact deliberately with the present moment, both now and its ability to do so moving forward.

Avoid animal products.

The objective is to live virtuously, to deliberately be “good” in each present moment.

To preserve your life directly at the expense of another, directly taking the life away from another… this may not be good, altruistic, virtuous. The goal is to maximize virtue in the preservation of your life, do not soil this by sacrificing your altruism by taking the life of other beings in the pursuit of the preservation of your own.

Whole foods, to maximize your ability to interact deliberately, in a way representative of “good” and virtue (whatever that may mean to you), with the present moment.

This is the path to truth in life. The path to all good and beautiful things.

So this, this is why “proper”, “healthy”, “good” nutrition, is not a science. Answers may never be found there.

So where may the answer be found?

“Only in philosophy”.

My own thing. In writing.