Return To, And Trust, The Safety Of Good Character

During the moments when frustrations start to grab hold, take a moment to reflect. What kind of universe is it that you belong to? One that is good, that responds to the actions that you choose to pursue, to produce. Than analyze if the actions you are currently in pursuit of are reflective of good value; are they kind? Are they true? Are they Honest and courageous? Are they for the common good? If so, than do not worry. You are safe.

If not, deem the pursuits that are not reflective of good values, and remember you always have the capability to return your actions to good. Both in your thoughts, and in your actions. Choose to do so. Choose to regain control of your mind, and your life. As you return to these values, and as your actions return to being reflective of them, feel the anxiety fade. Watch the frustration vanish. You are back in the safety of good character.

My own thing. In writing.